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News: Discussion of psychoactive cacti and succulents

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Cultivation / Re: Bog-ponics continued
« Last post by Inyan on January 27, 2018, 01:14:29 PM »
Update on bog-ponics. Picture taken today
Grafting / Re: Grafting seedlings made foolproof
« Last post by Inyan on January 26, 2018, 04:11:20 PM »
And we go again...
Grafting / Grafting seedlings made foolproof
« Last post by Inyan on January 26, 2018, 04:09:36 PM »
Brief description of what your looking at.
1. soak seedlings/ this helps to clean and hydrate. 0min-24 hours (min-max range) I generally soak 5 minutes -1hr
2. Wrap your stock. The obvious leaves etc. must be removed first. 1 inch piece of parafilm or so is needed for this.
3. Piece for top of graft to hold scion/seedling in place
4. slowly stretch that puppy out nice and tight so it feels like saran wrap or slightly thinner
5. Put a seedling in your mouth to hold it in place/grab razor blade and slice stock to create a nice smooth surface
6. Place your seedling on cut surface/offset

7. Gently drape parafilm wrap over seedling and slowly bring all sides down without putting pressure on seedling itself. You may wish to hold seedling in place by placing a slight bit of pressure over seedling while drawing down sides of parafilm. After seedling is secured off center and without pulling on parafilm you may twist parafilm around sides to draw the seedling in tighter. Larger seedlings may get a little pressure or more man handling without fear. 1-2 week old seedlings may be crushed if you are not delicate.

8. Prepare your label and place label.

The size of the seedling used in this grafting procedure is the size I use when I want 99-100% of my grafts to take and I'm not rushing things.

The size you see already grafted and growing in the last slide... those were grafted at 1 week of age and came from the same batch of seedlings. I tend to graft seedlings at the 1-2 week mark when I don't mind losing a few or there is an albino/variegate that I want to speed up and I'm worried they won't make it. Grafts 2 weeks old give me a 95-97% success rate with this method. 1 week or less grafts give me 80-90% success rate on average. As with everything there are always other variables that may come into play to bring your success rate up or down with any particular batch of seedlings. Did the weather drop in temperature?

Was there a marked change in humidity?....not as much of a factor for parafilm grafting, but is important with non-parafilm grafting. Did I use a fresh razor blade for stock and a new razor for scions? A dull razor will effect your success rate. If using a separate blade to remove leaves and cut stock from scion... i.e. two blades are used I will tend to only graft 25-50 seedlings per blade. If I go away from my project I will discard the blade or use it only to remove leaves which will then give me 3 blades per graft.
Other Botanicals / Re: variegated brugmansia
« Last post by Inyan on January 23, 2018, 09:43:59 PM »
my first.  i'll post some pics when it flowers!  (thanks inyan if you're still around)

Thanks old friend. Beautiful baby girl that she is.
Cultivation / Frost damage seen... means plant 1000+ more seeds in the bog
« Last post by Inyan on December 31, 2017, 04:09:07 PM »
When you see frost damage in your seedling green house.. time to plant more seeds right?
Personal Grow Logs / Trichocereus scopulicola x Trichocereus terscheckii
« Last post by Inyan on December 22, 2017, 05:20:09 PM »
Grafted 22 December 2017
Cultivation / Re: Bog-ponics continued
« Last post by Inyan on December 22, 2017, 05:18:53 PM »
Update on some of my bog-ponic cacti.
we don't have to call it a thought if you don't like inyan.  words come with their own images, and if we find ours misalign we can look instead to the meaning and not so much the terms.

thought, to me, is not thought to you.  that is, you see thought, ideas, relative to, say, feeling, and when you consider feeling, you consider it relative to another element of thought, like ideas.  otherwise, you could not differentiate the two.  to the speaker, feeling and thought are one, in that, they are two components of the same underlying physiological capacity.  i call this capacity 'thought.'  and to me, it includes also action, emotion, perception as these things all mechanically interrelate to produce the machinery of consciousness.  so when you are looking at thought - ideas, you are looking at it relative to feeling, or another one of (what i would call) thought's components, otherwise you cannot look at it.  i hope this makes sense how i have put it. to be, is to be related. 

now, to the speaker, thought has multiple components, the conscious exploratory awareness, memory, the compulsive impetus is ideals, beliefs, tradition, physiology, patterns, and then there is physical sensation.  and through the mechanical interrelation of these things there is consciousness.  so when i say thought, i use it as an umbrella term for this underlying physiological capacity.  but perhaps should i have termed it differently?  sir, what should we call this underlying physiological capacity?     
Feeling is a thought like a foot is a hand.
inyan, it seems to the speaker that feeling is a subcategory of thought.  we like to pretend it is separate i think, but the experience of an emotion is threaded from the same fibres as a thought.  that is, they both etch themselves into the canvas of awareness.  so feelings are an element of thought just as is perception and action.  they all occur within the field of awareness.  thought. 

now, not all feeling are easily articulated, but all feelings, when understood can certainly be described.  when there is happiness, you can often trace it back to some acquisition, whether of virtue or property - but the happiness is always the fruit of an idea.  as in the case of sadness.  that is, when there is sadness, it too can be articulated, described.  there is loss etc.  again, sadness is the fruit of an idea.  same with anger, frustration, jealously, and so on.  they all are threaded in idea. 

now the formation of idea and response is mechanical and relative.  that is, first, there is the image of what should be.  then, there is the unfolding of 'what is'.  then there is response, anger, frustration, happiness and the rest of it.  so we see that feeling is idea relative to reality, it is preconception relative to 'what is'.  if we become aware of what these feelings are, we become free of their impetus. 

to be free of impetus is to find heaven sir.  that is, heaven, as an idea, creates conflict/impetus.  but when i become aware of this whole thing, that idea begets impetus, then i shift my point of reference to the third party perceiver.  and so i am free of it.  i am free to think, act, perceive, feel, outside of its restriction. 

if you and the speaker meet one another with preconceived ideas of what is true, if we identify with these preconceptions, we cannot communally find truth.  but if we see that we are limited by our ideas, then we can find truth together, then we can find heaven communally.  but if we instead look to define a particular heaven, if we create a whole ideology around it, if we worship the idea, then we beget conflict with he who worships a conflicting idea. 

now if one discerns that they are indeed limited by their ideas, that they are confined to think within the realm of what they believe, and then they take peyote, or another psychedelic drug, and consider deeply the significance of this, there comes a fundamental change, not a change that is the fruit of an idea, but a change that is the fruit of negation.  then we, you, the speaker, and the rest of them, can find communion.  not a commune, but communion.  truth.  fact.  nature.  is this not it sir? 
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