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News: Discussion of psychoactive cacti and succulents

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General Discussion / Re: the daily cactus ( annie report)
« Last post by Acidmademesmile on November 28, 2017, 06:48:14 PM »
No i really meant it actually
Personal Grow Logs / Sploding
« Last post by Inyan on November 28, 2017, 04:06:29 PM »
This is what happens when I make em splode. Stay tuned for the after splosion
Personal Grow Logs / Bog-ponics continued
« Last post by Inyan on November 28, 2017, 04:03:43 PM »
Just an update for those following. These have been in the bog since last I posted.
Site Related / Re: art thread (pictures)
« Last post by Inyan on November 28, 2017, 02:24:17 PM »
I must say, this is some beautiful art work. I can definitely see some inspiration here and wish I saw more pictures from this same artist.
Cultivation / Re: anne halonium / XHTTL / hydro lophophora showcase
« Last post by Inyan on November 28, 2017, 02:11:19 PM »
My suggestion would be not to die for those results you want, but to simply replicate them as best you can as fits your growing plan. Pereskiopsis lend themselves to growing in wide variety of environments from hydroponics to bog-ponics, to virtually whatever suits your fancy. Pereskiopsis can indeed facilitate your whim. But rather than take another's photos as evidence it is far simpler to simply perform a series of experiments yourself and thus claim the knowledge as your own practical first hand knowledge.
General Discussion / Re: The Peyote Way Church Of God
« Last post by Inyan on November 28, 2017, 02:06:50 PM »
Discernment or the ability to perceive without judging is a tricky thing indeed. When a baby is first born and before it has been taught to be biased towards this or that or how to think a baby simply is. A baby is thus capable of discernment or perceiving without judging. However, once you have developed internal dialogue full of beliefs or thoughts about a subject your consciousness is  flooded with that internal dialogue whether it is in the background and ignored or whether one watches it unfold. One may even frequently be caught up along a train of thought upon which one has no idea one is even riding and with no way off till something or some idea startles you enough to regain a bit of control and you become alert to the fact that your thoughts or your own internal dialogue have run amuck as it were.

Now, I fully believe that you believe you are indifferent to the matter of belief and completely indifferent to it and it may even be true with you. However, I would suggest that if someone were to do something truly heinous as it sits with one of your beliefs that you would indeed not be indifferent to those beliefs.

You may indeed be traveling a road less traveled but it is a road nonetheless. A path may lead to the same destination as any other path.  Beliefs are simply the frameworks of tools which enable them to work in the way they are supposed to work.

I have seen with my own two eyes without the aide of any plant medicine things that defy the reality we as a group most often prescribe to here in the western world. I have felt what can only be described as a feeling of unconditional love so powerful it was overwhelming.  I have felt seconds that literally felt like eons and days that have slipped away as if they were seconds. I do not think any of this makes me special or different. I think at most it means I have done the same as any other person is capable of. It is the same as lifting weights or running. One does not start out lifting 100 kg on ones first lift. One very cautiously begins with learning form first. Once one learns form one begins to lift more consistently and perhaps after some time one goes back to the basics and revisits form. There is a program involved and the key to it is consistency. The program is the set of acts that are required on specific days and perhaps even times. This becomes ones ritual. The ritual of lifting weights without consistency will not yield any progress whatsoever. In fact, the one thing one gains from a ritual without consistency is the delayed onset muscle soreness the following days after ones effort. So, one in effect gains nothing but negative effects from a program/beliefs that is not consistent. Now, the program is not really the set of beliefs. The beliefs are what sets you to following the program. The belief that that program will eventually pay out. If you did not believe that the program would work then  you would not be consistent enough to reap any rewards. You might argue that one could follow the program blindly and that in doing so one might acquire the belief that the program works… but it really doesn’t matter how you slice it…. Tools are used and whether they lead to beliefs or beliefs lead to the use of tools  is largely a matter of perspective that is influenced by the difficulty of the tool and the effort one must apply to use the tool.

Another way of looking at this is you could hop into an airplane/medicine and try to fly it without training/beliefs and you might even get lucky and figure out how to fly the plane without killing anyone. I would even hazard to guess that your learning to fly on your own would take a much longer time than it might have if you were taught how to fly.

Now, I will touch upon things as I see them now and as  free as I can from a belief system. I see reality as being constructed largely by our own minds. We have a shared interest in sharing a similar reality as that is what enables us to communicate most effectively with one another. Those who share a different reality no matter how subtle the difference we perceive as other than ourselves and those that share a reality most similar to us we most often feel as if we share some kind of deep kinship or closeness with that person. 

Now, if we are just the observer and we detach as much as possible we may not observe everything even within ourselves, much less everything we see or hear.
This is part of how a vision quest works. You are left with only yourself and only nature.  You can not get lost in conversation, television, the radio, etc. In ordinary life you are constantly bombarded with  information, noises, etc.  You are a slave to your desire to eat, drink, sleep, have sex, etc.. As these desires of the body creep up you frequently feed those desires and those desires distract you from truly experiencing any one thing as you are pulled every which way. You are pulled by the eyes to the color red of a dress. You are pulled by the ears to a song that has a pleasing melody. Your emotions are pulled by the words that remind you of your first kiss and so on. You are not in one place, but many.  A vision quest forces you to go against those natural desires and simply be in the moment. It reduces the source overload if you will so you can focus on genuinely connecting or more fully connecting to one thing rather than being pulled in many directions so you never fully connect with anything.

That is the key…. Forming a focused connection. What is death other than what was before life? What is a soul ? If we are atoms of mostly water… how many times have we been drank before by another entity in the 4.6 billions years this planet has existed? How many times has the oxygen that runs through our cells been in another entity? We do not own our body any more than we own our atoms. Our atoms have been shared by countless entities before us and will likely be shared by countless entities after us. We are all as immortal as life is immortal in this regard. If I perceive points of light connected by streams of light flowing over the body is that one true way of perceiving the body or is it merely self deceiving self? If I see an electrical storm surrounding the same body on another day… which is right or is neither? If I see what looks to be flowers of a sort shimmering in the light that cannot be touched but follow the body are they real? If I am so lost in another world while walking in this world that this world ceases to be which is real? What is it that blinds this mind to these other realities or are they simply the workings of a mind gone awry? Common delusions carried on in the minds and beliefs of others with a shared belief?

I am the trickster
Foolish and boasting
A rule breaker
Hell bent on causing mischief
I am offensive
I talk in circles
I have trouble following
There is no right
Just as there is no light

Resist that which is natural to become more in tune to that which is natural
An Ant battles with a moth
You must fight so that you can let go
The war rages on for what seems an eternity
There is no winning this fight
The moth is dragged away at the close of night
In fighting one may wear oneself out to the point of acceptance of defeat
In that acceptance of defeat one wins
It is the resistance and the challenge along the path that is the true goal
A moth and an ant have both gained immortality
Do not get lost in the destination as the destination is merely the end
Never to be forgotten
Much as the beginning was when you were born
What was once yours is now another’s
The illusion has been shattered

Every second an eternity
Every moment is an eternal bliss
Moments stack into years
Years which are gone in the blink of a butterfly’s wings
The wolf comes to call who is no wolf at all
We must all answer the call
Silently the owl swoops down
Death is waiting for us all

As concerns your question… am I medicine man. That is a title that one can not bestow upon oneself in my eyes and one I do not care to have bestowed upon me.
I have spent much of my youth apprenticed to a Cherokee medicine man in the hopes that one day I might carry that title.  I jumped ship to the Lakota when I thought that perhaps that path might be a little faster. I’m an Army veteran, sundance veteran, and I’ve even sung yuwipi. Those titles however do not define me. They are merely placeholders describing where I have been and where I have come from and they are not me in my entirety.  When the curtains have been pulled back will you like what you see?

For me, I understand very well the magic behind the medicine so to speak and I have no stake in any religious/political stance whereby one tries to exert influence on another to puff up ones ego. Power corrupts and to me... it is much better to realize the only answer I need is the same answer any of us can get simply from spending time with nature. You can have a middle man or women if you wish, but for me that is not for me anymore. Sure, I would delight in watching another show by someone who has been bestowed a title, but all too often with the title comes the arrogance of which I have far too much already. Now, I will not argue that perhaps there are not some who are able to detach from those titles or that can remain unaffected by them as that is not my concern. But it has been my experience that even the worst of actors can be very believable when they buy into their own acts.

If I've confused you at all it is not surprising and if you've been able to follow along and make leaps from one to the next my hat tips to you good sir for I have no clue what I am speaking of.
General Discussion / Re: the daily cactus ( annie report)
« Last post by Inyan on November 28, 2017, 01:52:47 PM »
Do I detect a note of sarcasm here ???

General Discussion / Re: the daily cactus ( annie report)
« Last post by Acidmademesmile on November 27, 2017, 07:50:06 PM »
There is some very interesting information here.. with the way people grow and think it will only take a few more years before this place is overflowing.
I am using my Area 51 198w all white cree on my pereskiopsis and trichs and so far they loving it.
I am the teamleader.
Cultivation / Re: anne halonium / XHTTL / hydro lophophora showcase
« Last post by Acidmademesmile on November 27, 2017, 07:06:20 PM »
I need to know more about this, why have you stopped posting Anne?
I had the idea about growing peresk in hydro and was astounded to find th pictures and i found my way to this forum..
Its so depressing seeing so many negative comments about this Tek on different forums i really thought people were smarter but maybe they choose to not use their intelligence for some reason because this is some next level shit.
Anne Halonium i need to talk to you so bad, please PM me or post the rest of your results because im fucking dying here.
General Discussion / Re: The Peyote Way Church Of God
« Last post by Seaside Chief on November 26, 2017, 10:42:42 PM »
now i think it is important as well to explain that i am not saying we supress belief.  what is suppressed will surely tear.  what i am suggesitng is that there is a divide between belief and discernment.  but really we don't need to use those terms.  we just need to differentiate between what we want something to be, and what it is.  once we do that we can open this up a little bit.  otherwise we'll be stuck here arguing this same point about whether we should or should not believe.  and on that point i have no opinion.  on the matter of belief, i am completely indifferent.  now on the matter of fact, i am quite interested.  fact is the source of invention, creativity, pleasure.  it is limitless.  and we can all dip into it.  half breed.  full breed.  the chinese and the retarded.  fact is for all of us.  and, paradoxically, we need all of us to find fact.  but we will get into that as we unravel this a little more. 

wonderful story about hallowmas by the way.  this is certainly on the path of creative intelligence.  bravo.  if i may ask sir, what do you tell your children about death?  the afterlife?  do they think they have a self concept or a soul?  and, are you a medicine man? 

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