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Title: fungus?
Post by: Chief BigTittyFlapFlaps on December 02, 2014, 12:03:42 AM
please, if anyone can offer some help here...   this container began to have issues about a month ago...  slowly one by one seedings are becoming engulfed in this white mould/fungus/bacteria whichever it is.  now they are dying at an increased rate.  please take a look and give me some suggestions. 

it certainly looks like a fungus to me.  it's white and seems to only effect the cactus itself not the soil around them.  i can't see it being a humidity problem alone as others have grown under the same conditions without this happening. 

i have already tried: uprooting, washing thoroughly then replanting in new microwave sterilized soil, letting them dry out a bit (although not fully.)  i am considering trying .03% hydrogen peroxide sprayed all over and letting that dry completely and see if there still dying off. 

thanks guys, any advice would be great.   
Title: Re: fungus?
Post by: Chief BigTittyFlapFlaps on December 09, 2014, 12:18:47 AM
Well, all better!  Whatever it was that began to grow is now gone.  The conditions I was providing were likely more conducive to the growth of the offending organism and less so for the growth of cactus seedlings.  Here's what I did to correct the problem.
1)  Increased airflow by removing the lid and using a fan
2)  Increased the temperature by placing the container over a warm air vent
3)  Let the soil completely dry out
4)  Watered with 1 teaspoon of 3% H202 per 7 ounces of distilled water
5)  repeat

Title: Re: fungus?
Post by: Inyan on January 06, 2015, 03:40:29 PM
h202 is definitely one of my favorites for watering small cacti seedlings when diluted as you suggest. Using a bit of chamomile tea as the water portion can also act to boost fungicide if the soil is already contaminated noticeably. A mild dusting of sulfur can be used as well, but sulfur can be cause the soil to go very acidic if used long term or in high concentrations. Higher temps and moisture an also cause the acidic properties of the sulfur to be expressed faster so care should be taken again when working with seedlings... especially cacti that may be at a higher temp for rapid growth. Truth be told, I have been known to experiment with a wide variety of different chemicals, soil additives, and the like when the money situation is good and when the money is not so good I've grown cacti seedlings in cat litter in tea jug, similar to a milk jug but clear, and simply used h202 mixed in the water as my sole defense against fungi besides the usual sterilization of the soil. Two things I absolutely will not try and grow cacti seedlings without however are h202 and diatomaceous earth. I mix diatomaceous earth in the soil mixtures I create no matter how simple they are and I water with h202 mixed in with my water no matter how pressed for cash I am if I'm growing cacti seedlings. Right now, I have  seedlings just a few days old and already some are a good half inch in height and no problems with fungi so far as they are growing in a tea jug with cat litter and diatomaceous earth with the mentioned additive of h202. I have one seedling as luck would have it that appears to have a bit of red variegation that will most likely die off soon unless it is grafted, but one never knows... I could get lucky and have it survive on its own.
Title: Re: fungus?
Post by: Nelsonut on April 09, 2018, 05:11:32 AM
Is it a fungus that is useful? Tell me a bit, I really want to know.