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anne halonium:
welcome peeps to the daily annie cactus report......

ive created this thread for all general discussion of cacti and odd cacti related topics.

this is a good forum, and has an advantage of being un cluttered , and good info from the start.
we want all new members to be able to find info easily, and research topics without distractions.

in the interest of reducing future fog and clutter on the forum,
ill use this thread for comments, suggestions, and previews of coming threads.

those familiar with my work , realize dont do alot of threads.
but i try and make the ones i do do , blockbusters.

many time, side issues and off topic things arise, that cant be dealt with n those threads.
this thread can be a rally point for that.

id really like to express to all, including myself,
that its a great treasure to have an uncluttered forum.
we all should make every attempt to keep topic spure, and threads clean for info .

so, ill use this thread for my daily, and, as need commentary.

im gonna preview a few things here on this thread,
but im also interested in what the member think about things.

id also like to talk with all of you about cactus, forums, and the future of the grow in general.

peeps have noticed im a mod here also.
i need say nothing beyond the obvious.
lets all be here to be friends and grow cactus.
the future of cacti, rises above.
lets us be archived as a good growers of good will.
the future will thank us....

ok peeps about every day, ill post something of interest/ comments here.
pleaes fel free to join me ain this epic general thread,
and lets keep the grow threads on topic same time.

all the luv....i the new age.

next up aerophora previews......
and, some very thought provoking ideas for the future.

Even though this place still needs to grow, I will also try to contribute something daily. I will eventually post some pics, but for the time being this will suffice.

anne halonium:
by all means invite friends and post pics.

i suspect we all know what makes for a good forum.
good grows, good pics, solid threads on topic for reference,
and a sense of community and discussion,
in an organized way.

obviously . globally, there are several thousand of us on  dozen forums ,
with a strong interest in advanced cactus growing teks.

let us be a hub for the future of cacti.
peeps come for the grow and show, and hopefully stay for the charm............

anne halonium:
im thinking i need to put up a massive seed tek.........
any specific requests on what ya wanna see?

Chief BigTittyFlapFlaps:
maybe if you could touch on pest control and damping off? 


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